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Mishy Snow Fucked

Mishy Snow is a Cuban who fled her country in order to start a new life here in the Land Of The Free. Shortly after arriving, she realized that just as it is anywhere else in the world, nothing here is free. After a while, bills started coming in, and she needed to make a buck. What does a Latina with huge pierced tits and a lot of flexibility do to make money? You guessed it: She decided that getting naked and fucked on camera would be the best way to earn a living.

Mishy Snow was a complete Latina nympho and she would be far too much for the average man. Luckily Duke Skywalker, Bootleg and Big Red were there to tame her. After her little introduction and her cutesy poses for the camera, it was time to get down to business. She dr opped to her knees and propped her mouth wide open. Bootleg shoved his long gringo dick deep down her Cuban throat, and he face fucked the Cuban black beans out of her whore throat.

This Latina slut kept her mouth open and took all of the face fucking that Bootleg delivered, before getting on all fours and getting paddled like a bad little hooker. Her ass was tomato red and her brown eye was exposed just calling out for dick. Bootleg heard her ass loud and clear, and he plunged his tube steak balls deep into her ass. She shrieked and squealed as his rod invaded her colon, so he gave her a break by giving her a little ass to mouth time.

After her gaping asshole calmed down a bit and his dick was covered in a fresh coat of slobber, spit and vomit from the rough face fucking, he once again pillages her ass. She was ready this time, and double penetrated her pussy with a big rubber dildo at the same time. After her two holes just couldn't take it anymore, Bootleg and Big Red gave each other the sign, and tossed her on the floor for the grand finale: A Massive cumshot facial topped with a carton of spoiled milk.

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